To get ready for the holiday season, you definitely need to think about getting your carpets cleaned. In addition to that, this is the best time to tackle any re-stretching or repairs it might require.

You can make sure that your carpet looks great if you have these tasks done. You can also impress your holiday visitors whenever they enter your house.

Here are several things you can do to prepare your carpet for the winter season.

Do Not Light Candles

This time of year, a lot of individuals like burning candles, whether unscented or scented. Candles can add warmth and ambiance to your house. However, you may want to think about not lighting a candle if you want to lower the risks of wax and burns damaging your carpet. Aside from being a huge mess, candles can be a fire threat.

Instead of traditional candles, you can utilize electronic ones. You can also use air fresheners instead if you want to make your house smell nice.

Place a Tray for Shoes

Your carpet can be greatly damaged by wet shoes. Aside from moisture, wet shoes can also bring in other particles. They can track in deicing materials and dirt from the outdoors. That is why you should add a tray near your door for guests to put their shoes. This will make sure that these particles do not have an impact on your carpet. The tray will capture any water, preventing any damages from your carpet.

You might also want to think about adding mats near the door both outside and inside your house. With this, guests could wipe their feet after and before they entire your house. This will ensure they’re removing most of the dirt and debris from their shoes.

As a homeowner, you likely do not want your visitors to walk around your home barefoot. But, you should really go for it if this is something you want to try. It is an excellent way to make sure that your carpets will look great throughout the winter season.

Get a Spot Cleaner

Whenever you hire a carpet cleaning Chattanooga Company, you should make sure that you ask them if they’ve got a spot cleaner that they can suggest. This will make sure that every mess is easily and quickly cleaned up and your carpets continue to look great.

You can also make sure that the cleaner is effective and safe on your carpets if it is recommended by an expert carpet cleaning company. They will know what will work best because they’ve already have been to your house to clean your carpet.

Add a Stain Repellant

Spills are bound to occur with a lot of individuals inside your home enjoying great drinks and food. You will want to think about adding a stain repellant to make sure that this does not fully ruin your carpet. A stain repellant can help prevent the liquid from staying on the fiber for a long period. This will provide you more time to clean the spill.