Preventative maintenance will surely reduce the money you would need to spend for your pool. This is why the best way you can do for your pool is to have the proper knowledge for maintenance. This will save you time, money and hassle. Remember that the steps provided below are not hard to follow if you would just make pool maintenance a habit.  

Pool Clean 

The keys to having a good pool include a clean water and a maintained water chemical balance. One of the effective ways is to do a shock-treat when it is necessary. Shock treat your pool when these happen:  

  • The pool is used by many people than the usual 
  • The pool already developed a murky and slimy water 
  • The pool developed an algae growth 
  • The pool has a very foul odor 
  • When there is a heavy rain or windstorm 

Chemical Safety 

  • Always wear goggles and rubber gloves when using the pool chemicals. Skin contact needs to be washed immediately with clean, cold water in fifteen minutes. It is recommended to call a physician. 
  • Use a dry measuring equipment. 
  • Follow the measuring directions as well as the precautions provided on the product label. 
  • Dispose any unused chemicals by following the local ordinances.  

Monthly Pool Maintenance 

  • Test and adjust the calcium hardness 
  • Test the alkaline level of the pool. This should be in between 120-150 ppm. 
  • Clean the filter with a chemical. 
  • Inspect different parts of the pool such as the grout, sealant, tiles, and others exposed parts of the pool. 
  • Check for any needed repairs on your pool. 
  • Check the seals. 

Tips on How to Keep your Pool Healthy and Ready 

  1. Always check the pool chemistry at least once a week. The pool’s PH should be in between 7.2 to 7.8. The higher the pH the higher amount of chlorine is needed. When you control your pH, you will need lesser chlorine in your pool.
  1. Always check yourOzonatorif you have some. Make sure that the light is always and working properly. Remember that your pool does not need to be shocked oftentimes if you have a working Ozonator.  
  2. Clean your filter as often as you can. One of the great filters that can be recommended is a cartridge filter because they give maximum flow rates, make the water crystal clean and they don’t require to be cleaned frequently. It is recommended to clean it every four to six months.
  3. If you starting to notice some cracks around the pool or between the deck and tile, you can seal them using some small bead of clear silicone. Prevent the water to flow in these cracks as it can create problems.
  1. Always keep vegetation, animals, fertilizers andironiteaway from your pool. Waste from animals, chemicals from plants, and nitrate from bird poops are food for algae. This can enhance algae growth in your pool. 
  1. When you are maintaining your pool, take note of these problems:
  • Odors 
  • Obstructed drainage 
  • Unclear water 
  • Returns in the sidewall are weak 

When you observe one of these problems, it is time to clean the filters.